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Latasha Lavon Harlins was born on January 1st,1976 in East St. Louis, Illinois. She was a loving devoted person who enjoyed being around family and friends and helping others. Latasha was a student at Westchester High School in Los Angeles, California. She was an honor roll student and dreamed of becoming a lawyer before that was stripped away from her.

Latasha was a 15-year-old African-American girl who was unlawfully shot and killed by a Korean American store-owner. She insisted that Latasha was attempting to steal a $1.79 bottle of orange juice. Police concluded that Latasha was not shoplifting and had the $2.00 dollars in her hand when she was killed. Even though Latasha Harlins death was recorded on security footage, there was still no justice brought to the Harlins Family.

The Superior Court Judge sentenced the Korean American store-owner to 5 years of probation, 400 hours of community service and paid restitution to the Harlins family for funeral expenses. The community was outranged and hurt about the verdict…the value of a black life matters. The Harlins family fought for justice for decades. 
Latasha’s death was one of the leading catalyst of the 1992 uprising in Los Angeles.
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  • The Latasha Harlins Foundation was originally founded in 1992 and re-organized in 2020. The Latasha Harlins Foundation is aiming towards empowering change for low-income families, reconnecting families back to their communities by linking them to community programming, resources, and scholarships for students educational needs to attain their aspirations to succeed in life right in their very own communities. 
  • The Latasha Harlins Foundation was established to give back to the community where she grew up in. We will work in partnership to bring funding and resources to the community and help students succeed in college and beyond.
  • Family: Building the capacity of families to become self-sufficient by providing support services, life skills development, and strengthening community connections to educate the importance of mental and physical health and other initiatives that impacts the live of others. We value each other. Listen, create, innovate, and deliver to give the best support.
  • Community: We value our community hard work, dedication, and commitment to bring awareness and change by strengthening our community as a whole. 
  • Students: We value students education, goals, dreams, aspirations and leadership in building a strong foundation to support our students needs and foster outreach events and educational opportunities. 
  • Partnerships/Collaboration: Building and maintaining meaningful relationships with individuals, families, staff, and partners in the community through collaborations and by offering information through direct outreach, educational resources, and partnerships. We value our connections and relationships with community leaders and organizations. 
  • Social Justice: We value and advocate for fairness and equal opportunities for all. Creating greater unity will be achieved through the shared interests to serve the community with excellence by promoting innovative ideas and opportunities to the public related to equity, inclusivity, and social justice!

Dr. Christina S Rogers

Chief Executive/Financial Officer

Christina is the CEO/CFO/Founder of the Latasha Harlins Foundation. She received her Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership in Education. Christina is the Director and Adjunct Professor for the University of California System. Christina's goal is to provide support, funding, and resources to the community. (Sister of Latasha Harlins)

Vester M Acoff

Community Outreach Director

Vester Acoff is a Certified Carpenter for the Los Angeles Housing Corporation whose invested in being a positive role model in his community. Vester's goal for the Latasha Harlins Foundation is to create outreach programs that minimizes gang violence and builds rapport with community members. (Brother of Latasha Harlins)

Janlisa Y Harlins

Creative Director

Janlisa received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology. She has experience in Government and Non-Profit sectors serving at risk families and communities. She has a deep passion for serving and creating meaningful change in the community. She will be creating programs as well as manage social media platforms for the foundation. (Cousin of Latasha Harlins)

Angel Y Harlins

Executive Director

Angel received a double Bachelor of Science Degree and currently works as a Government Consultant. She has contracted with the U.S Department of Labor, DOD, and Trade Mark Office. She brings wealth of knowledge in workforce development, grant proposal, trademark licensing, and disability accessibility. She hopes to fulfill the foundation dreams of establishing better work opportunities in the community. (Cousin of Latasha Harlins)

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Bringing Our Community Together

The Latasha Harlins Foundation's non-profit organization is aiming towards empowering change for low-income families to attain their aspirations to succeed in life. Our non-profit's goal is to reconnect families back to their communities by linking them to community programming, resources, and overall community support right in their own neighborhood. The non-profit is still in development and will be introduced to the public soon. Get Ready!!!

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MHWP-Mental Health Wellness Program

MHWP-Mental Health Wellness Program

Mental Health Wellness Program: Enhances the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities facing emotional and behavioral health challenges. A multidisciplinary wellness and behavioral health team will increase community understanding of mental health and the mind-body connection between mental and physical well-being in order to promote self-care, self-management, and independent living.

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ESSEF-Educate Stimulate Save Every Family Program

ESSEF-Educate Stimulate Save Every Family Program

Outreach and Educational Programs: EDUCATE, STIMULATE, SAVE, EVERY, FAMILY emphasizes the importance of ensuring families and students are prepared for success in the 21st century as they experience rigorous and innovative learning opportunities and pathways that will cultivate success in achieving academic and personal goals as well as growing intellectually and socially within the community.

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"Latasha Harlins" Feature Film

"Latasha Harlins" Feature Film


Shannon Dion writer and director of Latasha Harlins "A Rose That Grew From Concrete" inspired by true events. The story of Latasha Harlins is one that has been long overdue and now is the time for her story to be told to the world in its fullness. This film "Latasha Harlins" is set to debut 2023.

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Through the lens of a LA Girl: The Story of Latasha Harlins

Through the lens of a LA Girl: The Story of Latasha Harlins


The book will give you an insight of Latasha Harlins life and who she was as a person through the lens of the Harlins Family. This book is based on true events of her murder and the legacy she left behind. The book is set to be released later this early 2024.

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2021 Academy Award Nominated Netflix Original Documentary  "A love Song For Latasha"

2021 Academy Award Nominated Netflix Original Documentary "A love Song For Latasha"


Debuted September 21st A Netflix original documentary "A Love Song For Latasha" written and directed by Sophia Allison explores the life of 15-year old young Lastaha Harlins. This 19 minute documentary is filled with pure emotion as it takes us back to Latasha's life and dreams told through the lens of Latasha's cousin Shinese Harlins-Kilgore and childhood friend Ty Presel. Watch it now on Netflix!

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“Success Comes from You”   A motivational and inspirational read by Dr. Christina Rogers (sister of Latasha Harlins).

“Success Comes from You” A motivational and inspirational read by Dr. Christina Rogers (sister of Latasha Harlins).


This book will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you achieve true happiness and success in life. Making your dream a reality is all about you and the work you put into it. Not only will you be happier, you'll be more energetic, motivated, and healthier to follow through on your set goals after reading each chapter in this book. A Percentage of the proceeds will support the Latasha Harlins Foundation click on “read more” to purchase!

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Ruth Harlins

Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support that you have provided for the family. You are a phenomenal women. You made many sacrifices for your family to have a better life. This would not have been possible without your knowledge, wisdom, dedication, and hard work. We are excited for your support to the Latasha Harlins Foundation. We love you. (Grandmother of Latasha Harlins).