Giving Back Creates Change


Scholarship Program  The Scholarship Program is in honor of Latasha Harlins to help students achieve their educational goals through providing scholarships and resources to help support student's college expenses including tuition, fees, books, room and board, transportation or any other educational expenses. Our Scholarship application is available to students starting January 1st through March 16th. On April 29th, in the Los Angeles Area. We will award 15 students with a scholarship towards their education. The Scholarship Program require that applicants; (1) must be a senior in high school, (2) plan to attend college as a full-time student at an approved four-year institution, 2-year community college or vocational/training school and (3) students who plan to make an impact in their community to improve the justice system through research, service, and policy development in state, federal, city or county government, private sectors or non-profit organizations. For full consideration, students must study and major in public administration, education, public policy, government administration, public affairs and relations, law, economics, sociology, political science, history or any other related studies. Students completing the scholarship application must include all documents as follows: 

  • Scholarship Application (Online Word/PDF fillable with essay questions)
  • Video Submission (Submit a short 3-5 minute video on why you should be chosen for the scholarship award and how you would support and bring change to the community?
  • High School Transcripts (Must be in good academic standing with a minimum of 2.5 GPA & must show proof of residence on high school transcripts). 
  • Proof of Offer/Acceptance letter or enrollment verification from the Institution.
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation either from an advisor, teacher, counselor, employer, community leader or someone who made an impact in your life that could advocate on your success and accomplishments.

Submit all 5 documents in one attachment to 

Example: First Name, Last Name: Scholarship Applicant 2025. Applications are evaluated by the Latasha Harlins Foundation Board of Directors. 

Our Timeline:

January 1st: The scholarship application opens, and student can apply.

March 16th: The scholarship application closes. 

April 2nd: Scholarship recipients are selected and notified if they did nor did not get chosen. 

April 29th: Selected recipients will be invited to attend the Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony on the “Latasha Harlins Day”. Scholarship awards will be provided to the recipients the day of the event. The recipients are recognized by Latasha Harlins family, community leaders, families and friends. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at

Thank you, 

Harlins Family