Dr. Christina S Rogers

Chief Executive/Financial Officer

Christina is the CEO/CFO/Founder of the Latasha Harlins Foundation. She received her Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership in Education. Christina is the Director and Adjunct Professor for the University of California System. Christina's goal is to provide support, funding, and resources to the community. (Sister of Latasha Harlins)

Shinese Harlins

Chief Operating Officer

Shinese Harlins is the representative for the Latasha Harlins Family. She has done press, interviews, Oscar Nominated for the "A Love Song For Latasha" documentary, lectures, and more. Shinese ultimate goal with the Latasha Harlins Foundation is to bring programming and awareness to the community. Shinese is also Business Owner and in the process of becoming a Real Estate Agent. (Cousin of Latasha Harlins)

Vester M Acoff

Community Outreach Director

Vester Acoff is a Certified Carpenter for the Los Angeles Housing Corporation whose invested in being a positive role model in his community. Vester's goal for the Latasha Harlins Foundation is to create outreach programs that minimizes gang violence and builds rapport with community members. (Brother of Latasha Harlins)

Janlisa Y Harlins

Creative Director

Janlisa received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology. She has experience in Government and Non-Profit sectors serving at risk families and communities. She has a deep passion for serving and creating meaningful change in the community. She will be creating programs as well as manage social media platforms for the foundation. (Cousin of Latasha Harlins)

Angel Y Harlins

Executive Director

Angel received a double Bachelor of Science Degree and currently works as a Government Consultant. She has contracted with the U.S Department of Labor, DOD, and Trade Mark Office. She brings wealth of knowledge in workforce development, grant proposal, trademark licensing, and disability accessibility. She hopes to fulfill the foundation dreams of establishing better work opportunities in the community. (Cousin of Latasha Harlins)